How To Handle The Cleaning When You Host Via A Peer-To-Peer Lodging Service

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The rise of peer-to-peer lodging as an alternative to traditional hotels is changing the way people travel, and it gives you a chance to earn extra cash off of your unused rooms, finished basement, or garage apartment – or even your entire home when you are out of town. The main downside when you choose to host lodgers is cleaning up afterward.

You must make sure that the space is ready for the next lodger or for your family when you return. Fortunately, you can handle this issue with minimal effort:

Hire Some Help

A maid service can handle all the cleaning details. This is especially useful if you will have multiple lodgers over a period of time when you are not home to clean between each one. You will simply schedule the service before you leave, giving them the dates you will need each cleaning performed. You don't have to be home when they arrive if you provide the service with a key.

Arrange for the Details

Cleaning between lodgers is a little different than scheduling regular home cleaning. Most basic maid services only do regular cleaning, they don't do laundry, wash dishes, or pick up clutter. When you are dealing with lodgers, you will need to arrange for these items directly with the maid service.

For example, you may need to add on services such as dish washing and garbage disposal. Laundry services are often extra, so it may be more cost-effective to provide the maid with access to a supply of clean linens with instructions to change out the towels and bedding after each guest leaves.

Look for Add-On Services

Additional services, such as linen rental and soap stocking, are being offered by some maid service and cleaning companies as the demand rises in the peer-to-peer lodging industry. One of the main services offered is key delivery. This can save you from having to arrange for key pick-ups for lodgers when you are out of town.

It also provides an extra sense of security – you already trust the maid service with your key for cleaning, so you can also trust them to hold on to extra keys to deliver and collect from your lodgers. Not all maid companies are offering this service, but it is well worth inquiring into.

Many peer-to-peer lodging services already include a small hosting fee to the final price you are offering for your space. Verify that this fee is enough to cover your cleaning and service costs. If it's not, you can always raise your rental fee slightly to cover the difference. This way, the maid service won't cost you anything out of pocket.

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