What To Do When Wine Stains Threaten The Beauty Of Your Carpets

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It never fails, you throw a dinner party to show off your brand new carpeting and one guest or another will manage to spill their entire glass of red wine on it, creating a huge, ugly stain. Keep reading and the next time this happens, you will be able to take a deep breath and smile because you will know what to do to protect your expensive carpets from permanent stains.

Spill Triage Techniques

  1. Never, ever rub any spot or stain on your carpet. Doing so will push the stain further down into the fibers and greatly increase the chances that it will become permanent.
  2. Always blot the spill lightly, and completely by folding a clean, absorbent cloth or paper toweling and blotting the spill very gently. Remember to use a clean portion of the cloth or paper toweling with each blot to ensure that you are lifting the moisture from the spill and not just creating a larger stain.
  3. If a spill occurs when you are busy and you know that you will not be able to attend to it immediately, cover it completely with a mound of ordinary salt from your pantry and place a clean, upturned plastic bowl over the area so that it will not be disturbed. The salt will help wick the moisture of the spill from the carpet fibers and help to prevent the stain from setting until you have time to attend to it.

Fight Wine with Wine

When you are ready to move forward with removing the stain, carefully remove the salt by vacuuming the area carefully without applying pressure. A shop or wet/dry vacuum works well for this, especially when you can remove the floor attachment and just use the hose.

Gather some white wine and clean, absorbent cloths or paper toweling and carefully pour a small amount of white wine directly on the red wine stain. Blot the moistened stain several times with your clean folded cloth or paper towels, remembering to use a clean section of the cloth each time. Work from the outside edges of the stain toward the center and keep repeating the process until all traces of the stain have been removed.

If the stain reappears after the carpet dries thoroughly, it means that the wine was not completely removed from deep within the carpet fibers and the drying process caused them to wick upward and become visible again. If this happens, consider repeating the steps you used in the initial cleaning process or throw in the towel and call in the services of a professional carpet cleaner to restore your carpet to its original beauty once again.