Uniform Supply: 3 Ways They Can Help Keep You Safe on the Job

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You might think that uniform supply services can only benefit police officers or nurses—individuals whose occupations mandate specific uniform attire. However, the fact of the matter is, uniform supply companies offer a wide array of products for all sorts of purposes, including attire designed to increase worker visibility, as well as fire resistant clothing. Many also offer rental services, a cost effective alternative that ensures your attire is compliant with all the stringent requirements of your job. The following is a brief overview of three services you might not have known were available from uniform supply companies.

Visibility Apparel

Many jobs require workers to utilize visibility clothing to reduce the possibility of injury. Whether you're a construction worker who routinely works around moving vehicles, or you work a night job and need reflective clothing to increase your visibility for passing motorists, high visibility clothing can mean the difference between life and death.

Many uniform supply companies offer a full line of visibility gear, including everything from neon-colored vests and shirt-jackets to more conservatively colored articles with striped reflective panels across the chest and arms. Whatever you're looking for, you can rest assured that improved visibility attire will ensure you are visible from any angle, day or night.

Flame Resistant Clothing

Firefighters aren't the only ones who need flame resistant clothing in their line of work. Many occupations in the building trades entail a degree of risk concerning fire, so it is important that work clothing not only be durable, but also flame resistant.

Flame retardant clothing is available in a variety of options, including button-down work shirts and pants, to full coveralls. For extra protection, you can also find fire resistant outerwear like vests and jackets for those days when you need protection from the cold as well.

Finally, many uniform supply outfits also provide combination visibility and fire resistant attire. This is especially important for those individuals who work in dark environments and who are also exposed to potentially dangerous fire conditions.

Rental Apparel

There are a number of benefits associated with uniform rental service, not the least of which is the convenience of having less laundry to do. More importantly, many uniform supply services provide complimentary button and zipper replacements when garments require such repairs. They also perform routine inspections to ensure that all attire complies with the necessary regulations pursuant to your given industry.

Overall, there are many advantages to utilizing uniform supply services, but their visibility and flame resistant clothing, and convenient apparel rental services, are three of the biggest.