Four Qualities To Look For In A Rug For A Kid's Room

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If your child's room has a hard floor, placing a rug on the floor is a great way to make it more comfortable. However, not all rugs are well-suited for a child's room. Make sure the rug you pick has these four qualities, and both you and your child will benefit.

Easily Washable

Read the tag on the rug to find out how it must be washed. If it is a smaller rug, it may be machine washable, which certainly means cleaning will be easy. If the rug is larger, you'll probably need to have it professionally cleaned. Make sure it does not state "do not clean with moisture" or "dry clean only." Dry cleaning is unlikely to remove fruit juice spills, bits of glue, and other messes your child might create on the rug.

A Complex Pattern

While dark-colored rugs hide stains adequately are okay if they're the only fit for the color scheme of your child's room, a patterned rug is really the best choice. Patterns tend to make stains and spills much less noticeable. This comes in handy when your child spills something and you don't immediately have time to get the rug cleaned or scrub the stain out thoroughly -- the rug won't be unsightly in the meantime.

A Soft Texture

"Eco-friendly" rugs made from materials like jute and sisal are becoming quite common. While these rugs have their place, they're not the best choice for a child's room because they have a rough texture and may irritate a child's soft skin. Make sure the rug you choose is plush and gentle, so your child can play on it comfortably.

Non-Skid Backing

Even the calmest children run, skip and hop around the house sometimes. If they run onto a rug that slips easily across the floor, they could fall to the ground and injure themselves. For this reason, you should make sure the rug you choose has non-skid backing of some sort. Some rugs have an actual rubberized backing, while others are simply made from materials that don't slide. Alternatively, you could anchor the rug to the ground by placing one end just under a piece of heavy furniture; this only works well with thin rugs.

Regardless of which rug you choose, remember that caring for it properly will ensure it satisfies your child's needs for as long as possible. Wash your rug, or have it professionally cleaned, several times per year. This way, stains and grime will never build up to the point that they start causing odors or making the rug look worn out. To learn more, contact someone like Final Touch Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc.