Repairing Your Basement After A Flood

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If you walk into a flooded basement, there are a few things that you can do to repair the damage and prevent injury.

Unplug Electronics

Before you check out the damage in your flooded basement, be sure that you have unplugged all electrical devices in your basement, including heaters. If you are unsure that it's safe to touch the water, have an electrician come to take a look at your basement and the electrical grid.

Remove Excess Water

You can use a heavy-duty sump pump to suck up the excess water on your floors. This is the most efficient way to remove the water quickly, so that mold doesn't grow on your carpet. If you can't afford to rent a sump pump, then you can do the job by hand using a bucket, but make sure that you're not just prolonging the problem. If the flood was due to faulty pipes, don't pour the water right back into the system. Conversely, if your flood is due to a faulty foundation, don't pour your water buckets where they could seep into the foundation again.

Dry the Area and Remove Damaged Materials

Rent some fans to help dry out your carpet and walls quickly. A dehumidifier and open windows can also help you to clear the area more quickly.

Some materials may begin to rot or mold before you have a chance to air them out; if you notice discoloration on your drywall, you may need to cut it out and replace it with new material. Your wallpaper can harbor mold under the surface and make mold harder to detect; peel away parts of the wallpaper that were affected by the flood.

Clean and Disinfect

An important part of flood clean up involves making sure that everything is disinfected and cleaned. Bacteria can pool in floodwater, so you will want to spray an antimicrobial solution on all of your walls and floors.  You may also want to apply a substance that prevents mold growth; you can find many natural salt options at your hardware store.

It's a good idea to get a professional carpet cleaning service to take care of your carpets and upholstery after a major flood. The smell of mildew can linger for a long time, but a carpet cleaner will help you stop mold and odors in their tracks. By doing a thorough flood clean up job, you can prevent more costs down the road. For more information, go to sites like this one.