4 Unexpected Uses For Modern Sandblasting Equipment

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Sandblasting is most commonly used to clean dirt and grime off of hard surface, like brick and metal, as well as to smooth rough surfaces in the construction process. However, with the increasing availability of precision sandblasters and advances in stenciling techniques, sandblasting has found some increasingly creative uses in the art world and beyond.

Artwork. Sandblasting, especially with a finely tuned sandblaster and small sand stream, can create some very beautiful art. When used to add detailing to glass, for example, sand blasting can produce intricate designs that can possess a lot of depth. Sandblasting not only effects the appearance of the glass or other medium, but can also affect the texture of the item, adding an extra dimension to the artwork that you have created.

Clothing. Sandblasting can be a great way to change the appearance of clothing, giving it a faded or rustic look without causing too much damage to the integrity of the fabric. Sandblasters can be carefully monitored to achieve a precise amount of fading in clothing, and can even be used to add small detailing to clothing as you get that special pair of jeans to look just the way you always wanted, without having to wear them for years.

Engraving. Precision sandblasting can be a great tool for making high quality engravings. With the ability to vary the spread and strength of the stream with precise control, modern sandblasters can engrave wood, stone and other hard materials with precise control that approaches hand engraving in quality. The speed and precision with which these engravings can be achieved makes sandblasting the smart choice when a large-scale engraving project is undertaken.

Decorative landscaping. Employing stencils and even colored stains, sandblasting concrete and other landscaping materials has become a popular way of efficiently and elegantly adding detail to landscaping. Intricate patterns or large scale shaping or molding is easily accomplished when the right sandblasting technique is employed.

Remember, sandblasting is not without risks. Ask a professional for help or advice before beginning, and make sure you always use the approved protective measures.

While sandblasting will probably retain its primary uses as a cleaning and smoothing technique, as the technique and machinery continue to improve, it is likely that new uses will continue to develop. Investing in a sandblaster might not be for everyone, but when your next creative project comes up that needs that special tool, why not consider if a sandblaster is exactly what you are looking for?

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