Three Things To Specify In A Cleaning Services Quote For Your Small Business

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At some point in the growth of your small business, you will want to hire a professional cleaning service for your office or building. Although it makes sense to do this work in-house during the beginning stages of your new business, you want to focus on generating revenue with your core products and services, and not be sidetracked by work such as cleaning. However, the first time you hire someone to do this work, there are several factors that you need to consider.

Special chemicals or tools

If you desire hypoallergenic cleaning materials to be used where your employees work, you need to specify this in your quotation. Also, you may have your own bathroom supplies or a vacuum cleaner, but if you want a company to supply all work tools and supplies, you should specify this. Although larger janitorial companies will provide everything needed, smaller companies may not, so state what you will supply, if anything, in your quotation.

Special instructions

Certain areas you may want to make off-limits to cleaning personnel, even if the workplace is not locked. Examples include work areas of engineers and designers who may have important papers lying around that can accidentally be thrown away. There may be areas of your building that you would like cleaned once a week, but every day is not necessary. Make sure you know what you want done and what is not necessary. Misunderstandings with a cleaning service can be avoided from the beginning, if you take the time to include special instructions in the request for a price quote.

You need to specify any additional work

Janitorial services can vary greatly in the services they provide, so you need to make a list of everything you need to be done, both on a daily basis and periodically. An example of things that need done periodically would be scrubbing and waxing tile floors. Cleaning windows, carpets and blinds are services you may also require. Although most janitorial services will offer a limited number of cleaning services, you want to consider consolidating as much of your cleaning needs as possible with one company. This simplifies the process of contracting this work.

Take a few minutes to consider the things listed above, and then put them together in a request for a quotation. It is important that you get bids from several companies for the work you need done, so you are getting a fair price and a quality company. Some of the companies may want to visit your business to get a better idea of what they are bidding on. This is standard practice for cleaning service companies.