Three Ways To Get More Pet Hair Out Of Your Carpet

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If you have pets, then hair in the carpet is probably an issue you're always dealing with. Regular vacuuming does not always cut it – quite often, there is still pet hair lingering behind, waiting to find its way onto your socks and furniture. To get more pet hair out of your carpet, follow these tips:

Sprinkle baking soda before vacuuming.

Baking soda is well known for its ability to eliminate pet odors, but that's not all that it does. It also helps loosen pet hair so that it vacuums up more easily. The baking soda absorbs moisture, and this drying action helps loosen the hair. About 2 hours before you plan on vacuuming, sprinkle baking soda liberally over the carpet. Use about 4 cups for an average-sized, 12 x 12 foot room. You don't have to measure precisely, but be generous. After the baking soda has sat for 2 hours, vacuum it up. Make sure you go over the entire carpet at least twice to capture as much baking soda and hair as possible.

Have the carpet professionally cleaned once a year.

Those home carpet shampooers might work for homes without pets, but they're not always as effective as they could be at removing pet hair. They generally don't have powerful enough suction to remove the hair from the deeper layers of the carpet. A professional carpet shampooing company has more powerful equipment that will suck the pet hair up more thoroughly. Make sure you tell the company you have pets so that they can be extra thorough and use shampoos that help loosen hair. If you can have your carpet shampooed just once a year, this will go a long way towards keeping the pet hair under control. Consider using a company like Pristine Cleaning Systems.

Always dust before you vacuum.

Do you vacuum your floors and then dust off all of your furniture? If so, you're probably just scattering pet hair back onto your carpet soon after you've cleaned it. Get into the habit of dusting and then vacuuming. This way, any pet hair on your furniture will get swept onto the carpet and will then be vacuumed away instead of being left to linger until your next cleaning session. The same goes for any plush furniture like sofas or chairs – vacuum them before you vacuum the carpet, so that if they shed hair, it will get cleaned up when you vacuum the floor as the final step in the process.

If you follow the tips above, your carpet should stay relatively pet hair free, whether you have one cat or a whole family of pets.