High Security Scrub Down: Setting Up Your Cleaning Service For Secure Companies

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Some companies will require extra services due to their range of services. If you operate a cleaning business, one way that you can get new contracts is to keep up with these service offerings. There are companies that operate secure government or security functions. Since their buildings will still need to be cleaned, they may take bids on cleaning contracts for their offices. If you are interested in cleaning for secure companies, here is some extra security that you will need to set up.

Run in-depth background checks

Running a criminal background check and checking the arrest records of anyone that you hire for your business will make your company look more secure. You should also check civil history for lawsuits and complaints. When you and you employees are cleaning in government offices, you need to know that they are trustworthy and will follow instructions without any issues. Government buildings may be more apt to offer contracts to cleaners that have employees with squeaky clean records as a rule. 

Get more than the average bond

All company employees will need to be bonded for protection prior to going on jobs. If possible, increase the amount of the bond for your employees. Extra protection means that you are putting more on the line when sending your cleaners out on the job. This equates to better protection for your government clients. Find out how much it will cost to increase bond insurance and go with the monthly premium that you can financially afford. 

Offer cross shredding and incineration disposal

Along with the typical wipe down, vacuum, and dusting, you should also offer services that coincide with disposal of high security documents. You can introduce a cross shredder and document incineration or recycling in order to get rid of paper scraps. These services may be necessary if papers of certain security clearances and documents that are classified are used around the office. You can offer to install a cross shredder, then have your staff take the paper and incinerate the scraps each night during cleaning time. 

Work in teams and check out keys

In order to gain access to a secure building, you or your employees may have to sign up for cards to scan for access or receive a set of keys. Keep these safe by having them checked out of your office each day by the cleaning team that will be working at the office. Every office should be cleaned by two or more people for proper accountability and to get the offices done in short order.

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