Four Things You May Never Have Thought To Power-Wash And Should

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Commercial power washing typically handles a lot of public graffiti and acts of vandalism. However, you can power-wash other things for other reasons. Take a look at some of the things you may never have thought to use this service for, but should consider in the future. 


Think about it; these things emit a ton of dark smoke all day, every day when factories are hard at work. You would not be cleaning the insides with a power-wash service, but rather the outside. Smoke flowing around and backward via the wind, dirt, and debris on the wind; birds flying into the smokestacks and making a mess, etc., are all reasons why you should consider having these things cleaned at least a few times a year with a commercial power-wash. 

Church Windows, Roofs, and Spires

Many architectural features on a church are impossible to reach, and therefore impossible to clean. Yet, a "house of God" should be cleaned regularly and often as part of its building maintenance. A groundskeeper or church maintenance crew cannot do it because of the height and equipment needed, but a commercial cleaning service with a power washer can. 

Radio Towers

Radio towers need to be cleaned before they are repainted or before a protective sealant is applied to the metal. Doing so helps the new paint or sealant adhere better. The cleaning does not affect the transmission of signals, nor is there any concern about electrical hazards. The power-washing can also remove a lot of unsightly bird droppings, which can make the signal tower look quite disgusting after a time. 

Gargoyle Cleaning

Gargoyles are supposed to be very decorative. They are enhancements on churches, as well as many of the older buildings in Canada and around the world. The trouble is that gargoyles provide the perfect landing and resting spots for pigeons and other birds, and then you have a similar bird dropping problem that radio towers have.

To maintain these architectural and artistic features, the gargoyles have to be cleaned. Whether the power-washing crew stands on the roof to clean them, or the gargoyles are carefully removed and brought to the ground to clean is up to the owners of each building. In keeping these figures clean, it also helps with spotting structural issues with gargoyles that are cracked and breaking up or falling apart. Then restoration is needed as well as cleaning crews.