Common Commercial Window Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Cleaning the windows of your commercial building is essential to create a good first impression for your clients. Also, commercial window cleaning eliminates dust that may trigger allergies, hence creating safe conditions for your employees and clients. However, the window cleaning process needs to be flawless so you are getting the most out of this service. To achieve this, here are common window cleaning mistakes to avoid.

Disregarding Safety Risks

High-rise window cleaning comes with great risks as you have to reach the top windows of high buildings. Without proper equipment, you risk falling and sustaining serious bodily injuries. Such accidents may also be fatal. Therefore, take into consideration the safety risks and hire commercial window cleaning services. These professionals have the proper equipment, such as cranes for elevation, making the window cleaning job less strenuous.

Not Eliminating Debris Before Cleaning

Before starting the commercial window cleaning process, you should eliminate all the debris that may have settled on your windows, such as bird droppings and mud. If you don't, you'll have a harder time scrubbing off the debris, and you may end up wasting a lot more of your time. Removing the debris before it gets wet makes the window cleaning process fast and easy.

Cleaning the Windows During the Wrong Weather

To have an easy time cleaning your commercial windows, you should start cleaning during cloudy weather. You should avoid commercial window cleaning jobs if it's raining since the rain may interfere with the cleaning process. Also, avoid window cleaning when there's direct sunlight as the windows may form smudges when the soapy water dries too quickly.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Equipment

You should use the correct window cleaning equipment for your windows. Thus, avoid using paper towels or lint clothing as these may leave behind small fibers. Also, avoid any paper that was ink printed on it as the ink may spread on your hands and windows. Commercial window cleaning services have the ideal equipment to perform thorough cleaning.

Failing to Have a Window Cleaning Plan

Creating a commercial window cleaning plan is essential to ensure that all your windows are clean. For example, if you're cleaning windows on multiple floors, you want to clean the top floor windows first. Attempting to clean all the windows at once may fail as you may start to over-exert yourself. With a window cleaning plan, you make sure that you don't skip any windows.

When performing commercial window cleaning, the above are the mistakes you should avoid.