How Gutter Cleaning Helps Prevent Water Damage

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Your gutter system plays an important role in keeping your home safe from the elements. Your gutters could become clogged with dirt, fallen leaves, and other debris if they don't get the seasonal cleanings that are needed for them to catch and redirect water properly. Here are a few ways that a gutter cleaning service could help protect your home against water damage.

Saves the Siding

The moisture from rain and snowfall that gets onto your roof could damage any siding material that your home has, and gutters that have been cleaned sufficiently can keep water from spilling onto the siding. If your gutters overflow because they haven't been cleaned, the water could spill and cause your siding to warp, rot or spawn mildew growth. The moisture could also leave unattractive stains on the siding, so it's important to have your gutters cleaned to prevent this problem.

Prevents Foundation Damage

One of the main purposes of a gutter system is to keep moisture away from the foundation. Water overflows from clogged gutters could spill onto the ground and damage your home's foundation. With the proper cleaning, your gutters will be able to help keep the foundation dry so that cracks and other potentially expensive damages won't form. Gutter cleaning can even prevent water damage to a foundation that might be extensive enough to cause the foundation to settle and sink part of the way into the ground. 

Helps Keep the Basement Dry

If your home has a basement, this part of your home can stay much drier if gutter cleaning is performed. Water from your roof can be channeled through a clear gutter system and down through the downspout instead of falling from the roof onto the ground. If water falls onto the ground that's directly next to your home, the moisture could leak into your basement and cause damage, which is another good reason why you should have your gutters cleaned.

Stops Soil Erosion

In addition to your house itself, gutter cleaning can prevent water damage to the soil that may cause the ground to erode. This erosion could make your entire home more unstable if the ground that directly supports your home starts to wear away from the moisture. Gutter cleaning may also help prevent damage from erosion to grass, bushes, and other types of vegetation that are situated directly next to your home. 

Hiring professionals to clean your gutters can help the vulnerable parts of your house stay drier throughout the entire year. A gutter cleaning service can keep the water inside your gutters flowing correctly to decrease the chances of water damage to your home.